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Over 400 B.C. educators have built capacity and confidence at our workshops — are you next?

No matter where you are in your physical activity and physical literacy journey, the School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project workshops are a great opportunity to learn with and alongside fellow B.C. educators. 

Since the School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project hosted its first workshop in August 2020, we’ve seen a steady wave of active participation and engagement from educators throughout the province. 

So far, we have hosted 31 workshops with over 400 participants across the province; this includes six school-based workshops, 15 district-wide workshops, and 10 regional workshops, spanning all four of our currently available workshops: 

Getting Started with Physical Literacy

If you are wondering what physical literacy is and how you can incorporate it into your K-7 instruction, this workshop is for you! Gain an understanding of the theory behind this approach and learn some practical ways that you can develop your students’ physical literacy, starting with your next class. 

Making Physical Literacy Work for your Class

Learn fun activities based on the principles of physical literacy and see how easy it is to include these in the gym, classroom or playground. Learn the “how to” and find out how to include this approach in your K-7 physical education planning.

Holistic Model for Educators

Presented by I·SPARC, this Holistic Model for Educators online professional development workshop is for Indigenous Educators and Educators working in B.C. schools with high populations of Indigenous learners. The Holistic Model was developed in consultation with Indigenous communities across Canada and is based on the medicine wheel’s core values and teachings.

Physical Activity and Physical Literacy for All (Diverse Abilities)

Wondering how to adapt your K-7 physical literacy instruction to meet the needs of all your students? Learn how to modify activities for students with diverse physical and intellectual abilities. Get great hands-on tips and ideas to include all your students in activity and physical literacy.

With another 10 workshops currently scheduled for the coming months, the School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project team looks forward to engaging with even more educators as they build their capacity, knowledge and confidence in delivering the B.C. Physical and Health Education curriculum in the areas of physical activity and physical literacy, and their links to mental well-being. 

Are you next?

Learn more about our available workshops, and schedule one for your school, district or region on our website

Have you attended a workshop with us? The School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project is a prototype, and all participants are welcome, and encouraged, to provide feedback.