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Three Activities to Celebrate and Learn about Inuit Culture and Traditions

Increasing knowledge on Indigenous perspectives of health and wellness to support Indigenous students in a culturally safe way, is something we can all do as educators to create welcoming spaces for students and learn more about the land where we each live, work and play today.  In celebration of Indigenous Ways of Knowing, and with […]

Keeping Physical Activity Fun through Fall: Motivation & Confidence

As fall sets in across the province, students’ attitudes towards physical activity can start to change—just like our own! While fun is easy to experience when it’s sunny and warm, the rainy BC days can impact all of our enthusiasm for play and enjoyment of activity, especially outside.  How can we encourage our students to […]

Term Planner: Let PLAYBuilder build your custom PHE plan!

We all know and experience how busy educators are. Between teaching, lesson planning, assessment, supply shopping, etc.,  having some simple shortcuts to get tasks done makes our days a lot easier!  With its new Term Planner feature, PLAYBuilder is an essential tool in your teaching toolkit–and a quick, simple way to build out your plan […]

In the News: Pandemic Activity Levels, and How We Can Encourage Movement Now

As teachers, we’ve all witnessed and experienced the impacts of the pandemic on our students’ mental health, focus and enjoyment of learning. Moreover, the pandemic took a toll on students’ activity levels—data recently shared by the CBC, alongside information on how important schools are in promoting healthy behaviors as we move back into our pre-pandemic […]

Building Motivation for Physical Activity

The B.C. physical health education curriculum looks at more than physical activity, unlike in the past. The curriculum has developed and is now built to promote long-lasting motivation for physical activity in students.  Why is this change important and how do educators make this change in their own lessons? First, it is important to know […]

PLAYBuilder Ball Games for Your Gym Class

What is a piece of equipment most schools have many on-hand? Balls! Most schools have a lot of different types, from yoga balls to tennis balls. Balls are a great piece of equipment for games and activities that get your students moving objects. Students must learn many types of skills from propelling objects through the […]

Teaching Games for Understanding

As educators, we have to find a balance between keeping students interested and engaged while also building fundamental movement skills. Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) is an approach that uses play to build skill development. There are six important concepts within the TGfU approach:  Teach games through playing games Break games into their simplest format […]

PLAYBuilder Brings You Three Fun Ways to Jump into Spring

As the days become longer and the weather gets better, we can begin to welcome spring with open arms. What better way to do so than getting your students moving, or even better, jumping? PLAYBuilder is a digital library that offers 100s of fun games and activities to strengthen your students’ locomotor and non-locomotor skills. […]

Five Reasons to Encourage Different Types of Activity in Your Classroom

We know movement is essential at a young age, but why? Lots of reasons! Various types of physical activity help develop fundamental movement skills. And, students who are developing confidence, competence and motivation around fundamental movement skills are more likely to stay active and engage in other physical activities. Bonus? Physical activity offers various benefits […]