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Upcoming Webinar: PLAYBuilder Basics

The start of the school year is a chance to revisit your lesson plans and activities, and bring something new to the table for your students! For the 2021/22 school year, maybe you are revisiting the fun ways you engage with the B.C. Physical and Health Education (PHE) Curriculum, to promote physical activity and physical […]

New eLearning: Developing Physical Literacy within the B.C. Curriculum

Developing physical literacy is a central focus of the B.C. Physical and Health Education Curriculum. But what exactly is physical literacy, and how can you incorporate it throughout your school day?  Find out in the hour-long eLearning course Developing Physical Literacy within the B.C. Curriculum. This course provides the theory behind physical literacy and time-tested […]

Three Fun, COVID-safe Physical Literacy Activities for Your Students

The pandemic has posed a challenge to educators in how best to keep their students motivated, engaged and active throughout the day. To ensure the safety and health of all those in the school environment, typical physical and health education activities have had to change. There are lots of fun games out there to keep […]

Three Ways to Develop Physical Literacy on the Playground

Physical literacy development isn’t limited to the gymnasium. Physical literacy can be developed throughout the school day: in the hallways, in the classroom, outside – and on the playground!  Whatever equipment you have available out in the schoolyard, all you need is a little creativity to highlight physical literacy development.  Here are three ways you […]

An Active Role Model: Simple Ways You Can Support Students’ Physical Activity and Physical Literacy Development

Although students learn skills through play, and often learn skills naturally, educators have a critical role in helping students learn fundamental movement skills to develop physical competence, build confidence in executing these skills, and increase motivation to participate in and try new physical activities. They also play a critical role in setting up students to […]

New Workshop: Teaching Games for Understanding 

Are you keen to get your students thinking about how to use their fundamental movement skills, but not quite sure how to teach them in your class’ games? Then the Teaching Games for Understanding workshop is for you! In this in-person workshop, discover a fun and popular approach to teaching the individual skills of a […]

Upcoming Course: Support School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy at the 2022 Winter Institute

As we look ahead into the new year, are you looking for new ways to further your understanding of physical activity and physical literacy, to support your students’ development? Beginning on January 14, join the School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project for the 2022 Winter Institute.  Hosted by UBC’s Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, […]

Upcoming Webinar: Modelling Well-being as Educators

  Society depends on educators to be a positive guiding force in our children’s lives – often playing simultaneous roles as educator, parent, counselor, and caring friend. For educators to fulfill these vital roles, we need to develop resilience both inside and outside the classroom by supporting their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.  What are […]

New Virtual Workshop: An Indigenous Approach to Getting Started with Physical Literacy

Developed in consultation with Indigenous communities and educators, and with leadership from I·SPARC (Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council), the School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project is excited to announce a new workshop available to B.C. educators: An Indigenous Approach to Getting Started with Physical Literacy! This virtual workshop brings Indigenous perspectives that […]