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3 Exciting Cone Activities to Try with Your Class

Looking for exciting and inclusive activities that utilize the equipment already available in your gym? With just soccer balls and large cones or pylons, you can create a dynamic and engaging physical education experience that fosters teamwork, improves aim, and enhances fundamental movement skills. 

Get ready to utilize your gym equipment to the fullest as we explore these cone activities perfect for any classroom or gymnasium setting! Try these three activities from PLAYBuilder to get you started—they’re great for grades K-7 with some tailoring to your student’s abilities!: 

  1. Cone Skip Relay: Let the fun begin with the Cone Skip Relay! Divide your students into groups of three or four and set up six cones in a line, leaving a meter of space between each one. Instruct the first participant in each group to skip around the cones and then run back to their team. Waiting participants can practice skipping on the spot as the relay continues, ensuring continuous movement and active participation!
  2. Kick at the Cone: Boost your students’ kicking skills and accuracy with the Kick at the Cone activity. Provide each participant with a soccer ball and set up large cones or pylons as targets. Assign each student a target cone and have them stand 2-3 meters away from it. Instruct them to kick the ball at their designated cone, aiming for accuracy. Challenge their skills by increasing the distance or adding a competitive element with a time limit or first-to-five format.
  3. Guard the Cone: Promote passing, trapping, and shooting abilities with the Guard the Cone game. Create groups of 5 or 6 students and assign each group a cone to defend. One participant acts as the goalie, protecting the cone, while the others form a circle around it. The offensive players pass the ball, attempting to kick and knock over the cone. Frequent rotations of the goalie ensure that every student gets a chance to showcase their skills!

These three cone activities offer a fantastic way to engage and challenge your K-7 students while promoting physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. Incorporate these exciting cone-based games into your lesson plans, and watch your students’ enthusiasm and abilities soar as they have a blast while learning and growing together!

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