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Looking for games and activities to promote physical activity and develop physical literacy in your classroom, but having trouble finding things that align with the B.C. Physical and Health Education Curriculum? 

PLAYBuilder might just be the answer to your search. 

With over 700+ games and 100+ activities for Grades K – 7, it’s a time-saving, free and easy-to-use tool for B.C. educators. To gain access to PLAYBuilder, all you have to do is register using your school email address.

PLAYBuilder is already an important resource for hundreds of teachers in B.C. To date, PLAYBuilder has close to 400 users across over 180 different schools

You can sort content based on an activity, a lesson plan, or even a collection, making lesson-planning for your school year quick and simple. There are even COVID-safe activities available!

Examples of PLAYBuilder activities include:

Alphabet Balance

Participants try to make their bodies into the shape of letters of the alphabet.

Setup: Participants spread out around the playing space.

  • Teacher yells out different letters of the alphabet.
  • Participants try to make their body into the shape of that letter.
  • Encourage the use of different levels. For example, participants may lay on the floor to create the shape or stand up.
  • Teacher may ask them to spell a short word or try guessing their letter for added fun.

Stick Together

Participants connect various body parts together.

Setup: Participants spread out in the playing space.

  • Teacher chooses a locomotor movement for participants to use each round (e.g. walking, running, leaping, jumping, hopping, galloping, crawling, sliding, skipping).
  • When teacher yells out various body parts, participants must connect the said body parts together. For example, if the teacher says. “Knee and elbow,” participants must connect these two body parts together for five seconds.


Quick to React

Participants practice jogging and sprinting by listening to the signals.

Setup: All participants line up on the end line.

Safety: If inside, make sure students have ample room to slow down, so as not to collide with a wall.

  • When teacher says jog, the participants begin jogging.
  • When teacher says sprint, they turn around sprint as fast as they can back to the end line.
  • Repeat a few times, with rest periods in between.
  • Change approximate distance each time.

Interested in accessing more activities like these, to keep your students moving? Register today and gain access to the PLAYBuilder platform.

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