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The Physical Literacy Partnership: Why Collaboration with Your Class’ Parents is Key!

As teachers, we play a crucial role in shaping our students’ physical literacy, giving them the skills they need for a lifetime of staying active. However, teaming up with parents is key for several reasons:

  • Consistency and Learning Reinforcement: Working together ensures a consistent approach to physical literacy at home and school. This consistency reinforces what kids learn, making their education more solid.
  • Collaboration for Community Building: A strong parent-teacher partnership builds a supportive school community. When parents get involved, it creates a positive environment for everyone.
  • Role Modeling for Healthy Choices: Parents are powerful role models. When they prioritize a healthy lifestyle, kids are more likely to do the same.
  • Individualized Support: Parents can offer personalized support based on their understanding of their child’s needs.This tailored approach enhances the child’s physical literacy journey.

The Parent-Teacher Physical Literacy Partnership

  • Communication Is Key: Open communication is crucial. Regular updates through newsletters, emails, or conferences keep parents in the loop. Parents need to understand why physical literacy matters for their child’s well-being!
  • Educate and Involve: Share resources with parents about the importance of physical literacy.Get parents actively involved in supporting their child’s physical education!
  • At-Home Activities: Provide parents with practical, age-appropriate activities to do at home. Simple exercises, games, and outdoor activities help kids practice what they learn in school.

Looking for resources to share with your class’ parents? Check out the new handout available on our website! This two-page document simply defines physical literacy, explains the fundamental movement skills, and even provides a handful of great at-home activities for parents to try to support their children’s continued development of physical literacy.