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Online, self-paced physical activity and physical literacy learning for educators.
These courses ensure you get the information you need, when it works best for you — no matter your schedule, or your location.

teacher and students learning physical activity inside

Introduction to Physical Literacy

This course introduces B.C. educators the concept of physical literacy, provides information about how we learn to move, and identifies the key elements of a supportive physical literacy environment.

Physical Literacy Assessment

We all know how important assessment is to the learning process, but many educators have never been trained to assess how their students move. The course reviews the theory behind physical literacy and explains the benefits of assessing movement with the PLAYbasic for Educators tool. Videos describing each of the five assessment tasks let you see different levels of competency and give you confidence in observing how your students move. The course is self-paced, but allow a full hour to work through the content.

Upcoming eLearning Courses

Developing Physical Literacy Within the B.C. Curriculum

This course gives helps tips on delivering the physical literacy component of the B.C. Physical and Health Education Curriculum.

Coming Soon!

The School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project is a prototype, and all participants have the opportunity to provide feedback.