New Virtual Workshop: Physical Literacy Assessment

Confidence and competence in delivering physical activity and physical literacy opportunities for your students consists not only of understanding the terms and incorporating relevant activities in your school day, but also in being able to gauge your students physical literacy levels.

Wondering how you can assess physical literacy in your K-7 class? The Physical Literacy Assessment workshop is for you!

This workshop demonstrates how to use PLAYbasic for Educators as a physical literacy assessment tool. By observing how your students move, you can plan your physical literacy activities and support your students learning over time.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to: 

  • understand the importance of assessment of physical literacy,
  • use the PLAYbasic for Educators tool, and
  • observe how students move.

What is PLAYbasic for Educators?

PLAYbasic for Educators is a tool which uses five basic skills to provide a quick view of students’ abilities, with minimal interruption and space required. The assessment time is short, the equipment list is accessible and available at all schools, and the tool involves minimal training to administer. The tool is intended for elementary school students in kindergarten to Grade 7, and is designed to be implemented across these grades (no difference required for different grades).

Through the Physical Literacy Assessment workshop, you will learn how to use PLAYbasic for Educators tool effectively to assess your students’ physical literacy.

Book a Virtual Workshop 

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The School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project also offers several other workshops that will help yourself and fellow B.C. educators learn more about physical literacy and physical activity. Visit our website today to learn about the other workshops currently available.