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Building Motivation for Physical Activity

The B.C. physical health education curriculum looks at more than physical activity, unlike in the past. The curriculum has developed and is now built to promote long-lasting motivation for physical activity in students.  Why is this change important and how do educators make this change in their own lessons? First, it is important to know […]

PLAYBuilder Ball Games for Your Gym Class

What is a piece of equipment most schools have many on-hand? Balls! Most schools have a lot of different types, from yoga balls to tennis balls. Balls are a great piece of equipment for games and activities that get your students moving objects. Students must learn many types of skills from propelling objects through the […]

Teaching Games for Understanding

As educators, we have to find a balance between keeping students interested and engaged while also building fundamental movement skills. Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) is an approach that uses play to build skill development. There are six important concepts within the TGfU approach:  Teach games through playing games Break games into their simplest format […]

PLAYBuilder Brings You Three Fun Ways to Jump into Spring

As the days become longer and the weather gets better, we can begin to welcome spring with open arms. What better way to do so than getting your students moving, or even better, jumping? PLAYBuilder is a digital library that offers 100s of fun games and activities to strengthen your students’ locomotor and non-locomotor skills. […]

Five Reasons to Encourage Different Types of Activity in Your Classroom

We know movement is essential at a young age, but why? Lots of reasons! Various types of physical activity help develop fundamental movement skills. And, students who are developing confidence, competence and motivation around fundamental movement skills are more likely to stay active and engage in other physical activities. Bonus? Physical activity offers various benefits […]

PLAYBuilder: Indoor Activities to Get Your Students Moving 

Students can get restless inside all day.  What are some ways to release your students’ energy indoors, while also developing physical literacy?  PLAYBuilder, a digital lesson planning platform, offers access to 700+ games and 100+ lesson plans for K-7 educators— including those that are adaptable or made to take place in a gymnasium or classroom! […]

PLAYBuilder: COVID-Safe Physical Literacy Activities for Colder Days

Winter is here in B.C., and finding ways to keep students active and engaged, without always braving the winter weather, can be challenging particularly with COVID considerations.  Looking for some indoor-friendly, COVID-safe activities? PLAYBuilder is a great tool to help build lessons that are fun and support the development of physical literacy. PLAYBuilder is a […]

Five Movement Breaks to Incorporate in Your School Day

For educators, short movement breaks throughout the day can help develop students’ physical literacy, improve focus and increase learning. But it can be a challenge to find a variety of activities that your students will enjoy that still encourage the development of physical literacy through fundamental movement skills.  Here, we share five easy and fun […]

Olympic Celebrations: Physical Activities to Promote Diversity in Your Classroom

Sport and physical activity can bring students of all cultures together. When students share an engaging sport or physical activity experience with classmates from the various cultures and countries represented in the B.C. school system, they have the unique opportunity to make friends with people from all sorts of backgrounds. The more diversity they encounter, […]

PLAYBuilder Activities: Three Games to Try with Hula Hoops! 

What equipment does your gym have that you are curious about using more often? Hula hoops are simple pieces of equipment that have a variety of uses beyond just hula hooping! All it takes is a bit of creativity.  Here are three examples of physical activity and physical literacy games featuring hula hoops, from the School […]